Friday, November 6, 2009

Mospeda Complete Artworks

Finally found it. This is the book that would have really freaked me out during those super influential post high school years. Which was long ago- but better late than never. Im not entirely clear on the history of this book, but it looks pretty new- or at least a new cover and some updated pages? (Correct me if Im wrong but that 1/10 scale suit that I have scanned below sure looks new). But who knows- this spin off of the Robotech series was certainly ahead of its time- everything still looks great, and everything to see in this universe is definitely packed into this book! I especially like seeing all the concepts and production drawings for the Earth Fleet that shows up for the final showdown. I'd like to talk with someone who has seen the original series to see if some of those episodes were left out of the American version's season. All the hangers and ship designs are some of my favorites. There is also a lot of great Invid suits, ships and interiors I had never seen before, along with a good shot of what an Invid pilot looks like while sitting in a cockpit- gross!!
Really great book. If you liked Macross, you will really like this-

Mospeda Complete Artworks
Entertainment Archive Series
$32 @ Kinokuniya